Product name
TESSOCOR MD 5616                  Outdoor Corrosion Inhibitor

TESSOCOR MD 5616 is a blend of organic mineral, waxes and other ingredients specially formulated as corrosion preventive compound which provide firmer film and excellent salt spray protection.

TESSOCOR MD 5616 is suitable for vehicle rust proofing, long-term outdoor pipes or metal storage and general corrosion protection. TESSOCOR MD 5616 shall be applied neat using both spray or brush application. The product can also be mixed with lubricating oil or grease at the concentration of   5 – 10%.

Appearance :
Milky liquid

Color :

pH 5% solution :
6.5 – 8.5

Density :
0.80 – 0.90 g/cm3

Viscosity :
< 50 cP

Solubility :
Dispersible in organic solvent

Packing and Handling
TESSOCOR MD 5616 is packed in 55 US gallon steel drum.

Avoid contact with eyes and skin by wearing goggles and gloves. For skin contact wash with water and soap while eye contact flush eyes well with water for 15 minutes and call for medical attention.

This product is available from  PT. TESSO TETRA CHEMIKA  Cikarang, Indonesia

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