Product name
TESSODRIL BS 1509                  Packer Fluid Additive

TESSODRIL BS 1509 is a synergistic blend of amine based corrosion inhibitor, oxygen scavenger and biocide. The product is primarily used for prevention of CO2 and H2S corrosion as well as controlling the growth of aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria. TESSODRIL BS 1509 is compatible with most common materials used in workover, completion and packer fluids based on both brine and fresh water.

TESSODRIL BS 1509 is applied to all purposes of corrosion inhibitors in workover, completion and packer fluids including fire hydrant and other water based fluids which has to be kept for a prolonged period. Depending on the system applied the required dosage should be determined experimentally however a dosage of 2- 5 liter/m3 fluid are generally sufficient to obtain a good corrosion and bacterial growth control.

Appearance :
Clear liquid

Color :

pH 5% solution :
6.0 – 8.5

Density :
0.95 – 1.10 g/cm3

Viscosity :
< 100 cP

Solubility :
Soluble in water

Packing and Handling
TESSODRIL BS 1509 is packed in 55 US gallon plastic drum.

Avoid contact with eyes and skin by wearing goggles and gloves. For skin contact wash with water and soap while eye contact flush eyes well with water for 15 minutes and call for medical attention.

This product is available from  PT. TESSO TETRA CHEMIKA  Cikarang, Indonesia
E-mail:  marketing@tesso.com

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