TESSOGEL 40         Viscosifier for Oil-based Mud                                                        

TESSOGEL 40 is a modified organophilic clay in the form of free flowing off white to tan powder. It is usually used to increase viscosity and gel strength of oil-based  and invert emulsion drilling fluid. TESSOGEL 40 will improve fluid carrying capacity and suspension of weight material and also improve filtration control of drilling fluid.

TESSOGEL 40 is primarily used as a viscosifier agent in drilling mud to have a good rheological and shear thinning properties. It has high gelling efficiency especially in aliphatic and aromatic solvent. The recommended dosage is 0.2 to 2.0%.

Physical Data
Appearance :
Free flowing powder

Color :

pH 1% in water :
8.50 – 10.50

Bulk density :
900 – 1300  kg/m3

Moisture content :
max. 12 wt%

Solubility :
Insoluble in water or organic solvent

Packing and Handling
TESSOGEL 40 is packed in 25 Kg or 50 lbs paper bags with PE coating.

Avoid contact with eye and skin by wearing goggles and gloves. For skin contact wash with water and soap while for eye contact flush eye well with water for 25 minutes and call for medical attention.

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