Product name
TESSODRIL BS 1215             Secondary Emulsifier

TESSODRIL BS 1215 is a modified oxidized vegetable oil fatty acid in specially formulated to be used as secondary emulsifier in oil base mud. The product is effective for making stable emulsion with high temperature stability.

TESSODRIL BS 1215 is used to prepare oil-based mud emulsions, using fresh water. The stability of the mud can be greatly increased by adding a secondary emulsifier and co-emulsifier. Recommended dosages for emulsifier system is as follows :
-TESSODRIL BS 1215 : 0.8 US gall/bbl.

Appearance :
Clear to hazy liquid

Color :
Light to dark brown

pH 1% in water :
6.0 – 8.0

Density :
0.85 – 0.95 g/cm3

Viscosity :
< 200 cP

Solubility :
Insoluble in water

Packing and Handling
TESSODRIL BS 1215 is packed in 55 US gallon steel drum.

Avoid contact with eyes and skin by wearing goggles and gloves. For skin contact wash with water and soap while eye contact flush eyes well with water for 15 minutes and call for medical attention.

This product is available from  PT. TESSO TETRA CHEMIKA  Cikarang, Indonesia

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