TESSODRIL BS 1504               Corrosion Inhibitor

TESSODRIL BS 1504 is a mixture of amines and  phosphate ester in water. It is extensively prevent CO2 and H2S corrosion.

TESSODRIL BS 1504 suitable for any water environment like brine or water base mud and also can be used in air and mist drilling operation. The recommended dosage in fluid system 5 – 10 gallon / 100 bbl while for air and mist drilling 1.0 – 2.0 gallon / rotating hour, added to the formation agent just before entering the air supply line.

Physical Data
Color :

Appearance :
Clear liquid

pH ( 1% ) :
6.5 – 8.5

Viscosity :
< 100 cps

Specific gravity :
0.90 – 1.10 gr/cm3

Solubility :
Water soluble

Packing and Handling
TESSODRIL BS 1504 is packed in 55 US gallon plastic drum.

TESSODRIL BS 1504 can cause eye and skin irritation. Avoid contact with eye and skin by wearing goggles and gloves. For skin contact wash with water and soap while for eye contact flush eyes well with water for 15 minutes and call for medical attention.

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