TESSODRIL SHI 65 K      Shale Inhibitor/Mud Conditioner

TESSODRIL SHI 65 K is a reacted modified asphalt with potassium to improve its shale stabilization and mud performance. Beside its primary function as low foaming shale stabilizer, improved borehole lubrication, mud rheology and filtration control can be obtained from the product applications.

Depending on the shale problem and  mud properties, the required dosage has to be determined experimentally, however in a general a treatment dosage of 2 to 6 ppb will be sufficient to combat the shale problems. It is recommended to apply TESSODRIL SHI 65 K before penetrating a known shale formation.

Physical Data

Appearance                  : Free flowing powder

Color                              : Dark brown to black

pH  2% in water             : 9.5 – 11.5

Moisture content           : 8.0  wt% max.

Bulk density                    : 700 – 1000 kg/m3

Solubility in water          : Min. 45%

Packing and Handling
TESSODRIL SHI 65 K is packed in 50 lb or 25 kg multi-wall paper bags.

TESSODRIL SHI 65 K is irritating to skin and respiratory system. When handling the product use appropriate respirator, gloves and goggles. For skin contact, wash with water and soap while eye contact flush with water for           15 minutes and call for medical attention. 

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