Well Stimulation/Cementing Additives


Our Product list for Well Stimulation/ Cementing Additives of Drilling and Completion Chemicals

Well StimulationTESSO SURFACTANTSCationic, Anionic & Non-Ionic
TESSODRIL BS 2510Deposit Remover
TESSODRIL BS 2510 is a blend of surfactants in selected solvent generally used in well stimulation. It is good to remove organic deposits of paraffin, resuins and asphaltenes from from oil-bearing formation. TESSODRL BS 2510 can also be used for removed of mud, pipe dope, oil, sand and other solids from casing and production tubing.
TESSODRIL BS 1515Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
TESSODRIL BS 1515 is a synergistic blend cationic surface active agent , solvent and highly effective dispersing agent specially designed to inhibit corrosion in any concentrations of hydrochloric acid (HCl) or hydrochloric/hydrofluoric acid (HCl/HF) mixtures during removal of lime deposit as well as in acidizing jobs.
TESSODRIL BS 2400Emulsion Preventer
TESSODRIL BS 2400 is a non emulsifying anionic surface active agent suitable for preventing or breaking oil water emulsions. The product ha s strong water wetting properties combines with interfacial and surface tension reducing capabilities will prevent the well-bore and formation damage caused by emulsion, water blocking, oil wetting and particle plugging.
TESSODRIL BS 2401Injectivity Improver
TESSODRIL BS 2401 is a cationic surface active agent in a mixture of water and polar solvent. The product is usually used as injectivity improver that will effectively reduce interfacial and surface tension of well-bore resulting in higher injection rate.
TESSODRIL BS 2404Acid Retarder
TESSODRIL BS 2404 is a propriety blend of non-ionic surfactant in water, as acid retarder. The product is specially designed for emulsifying the acid as one out of several ways to retard the reaction rate of acid in carbonate reservoirs. Chemically retarding the acid in carbonates leaves formation rock oil-wet or with a film that slows acid reaction.
TESSOTREAT MD 4805Paraffin Dispersant
TESSOTREAT MD 4805 is a wax crystal modifier containing a linear polymer molecule additive. This product is oil soluble and prevent paraffin crystal from attaching to each other and forming a network a large crystals. This result has effect to reduce in pour point and viscosity of the crude oil and also to increase the pump ability of crude oil.
Cementing AdditivesTESSO RC-5Cement Retarder
TESSO RC-5 is an organic cement retarder which is effectively retard the setting time of cement slurries. The product is compatible with most cementing additives and is thermostable up to a temperature of 350oF. Beside its main function as cement retarder, application of TESSO RC-5 in cement slurries will give a lower viscosity, better water reducing effect and slightly better fluid loss control.
Shale InhibitorTESSO DC-25Cement Dispersant
TESSO DC-25 is an organic cement dispersant which is effectively reduces apparent viscosity and improves flow properties of cement slurries. The product is thermostable and can be used up to a temperature of 300 0F. Beside its main function as cement dispersant, application of TESSO DC-25 in cement slurries will give a better water reducing effect, a slight retardation effect and better fluid loss control.
TESSO EX-2Cement Extender
TESSO EX-2 is an inorganic cement extender which can be used to formulate a low density, high yield cement slurries for cementing operation in a low fracturing pressure formations to reduce the risk of formulation breakdown.
Tesso EX-2 is compatible with all classes of cement.
TESSO DF-50Defoamer
TESSO DF-50 is a non silicone defoamer designed to provide maximum foam control in cement slurry. Besides preventing foam forming, the product also has a good foam killing effect on both surface and entrapped foam and is compatible with most cement additives.
TESSO CFL-20Fluid Loss Control
TESSO CFL-20 is a thermostable Fluid Loss Control which can be used in cementing operation particularly in light weight cement composition or dispersed slurries up to a temperature of 4000 F. TESSO CFL-20 is formulated from selected synthetic copolymer which is compatible with most cement additives and can be used either in fresh or brine water slurries.
OthersTESSO GB-3Gas Block/ Fluid Loss Control
TESSO GB-3 is a thermostable Fluid loss Control which also provide exceptional gas migration control. TESSO GB-3 is formulated from selected synthetic high molecular weight copolymer which has no gelation properties, compatible with most cement additives and can be used either in fresh or brine water slurries up to a temperature of 400 oF.

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