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TESSO - Uce Niel Kurniandar

uce niel kurniandar

With a background in chemistry, Uce is a scientist executive who is commercializing solutions to long-standing challenges in the energy industry. He has been strongly promoting innovative yet practical science and engineering innovation to the most pressing problems for the oil and gas industry and beyond.
Uce currently serves as President Director of PT. Tesso Tetra Chemika. He has been both an innovator and a leader in taking the company to become one of the leading specialty chemical company for oil and gas and geothermal industry in Indonesia. Prior to founded Tesso, Uce spent 12 years at Servo Indonesia, a Dutch based company with focus on specialty chemical in upstream and midstream operations with the latest position as President Director. Uce started his career with Total Indonesia as Laboratory Technician at Production & Engineering Laboratory. He has a bachelor degree from Akademi Analisis Kimia, Bogor.

Abdul Fatah

Fatah completed his Diploma in Accounting Department Polytechnic of Bandung Institute of Technology, and Bachelor Degree in Accounting from STIE Dharma Agung Bandung, Indonesia.
His career in a various industry starting as a Business Development in Bakrie Group Telecommunication business in GSM operator in Bakrie Uzbekistan Telecom, Satellite Phone in Irridium South Pacific – Australia and in some local Indonesian Telecommunication projects. Fatah continues his career as a Deputy Director for Finance and Business Development for IT, ISP, Network Access Point Services and also Wireless Telecommunications in PT. Sarana Mukti Adijaya Group. Trading and Shipping Company in Trada Group as a Senior Finance and Accounting; and as a Chief Executive Officer for coal mining company.
Currently Fatah is holding position as Director in PT. Tesso Tetra Chemika, in charge for financial, marketing and business development. His considerable experience in finance will undoubtedly aid the Company as it aim to widen its involvement in oil and gas industry. 

Abdul Fatah

Hardi Pramudia

With a background in Business, Hardi is a young executive who excels in business planning. Observing opportunities & continuously innovating in business strategy is his trademark.
Hardi currently serves as Operational & Marketing Director of PT. Tesso Tetra Chemika. He has been the driving force behind the company’s business strategy, which now is one of the leading specialty chemical companies for Indonesia’s oil and gas and geothermal industry.
Prior to serving as Director at Tesso, Hardi started his career at Danone Aqua Indonesia as a National Key Account Supervisor. He was also the co-founder and Director of Amartha Indonesia and has diverse international business experience.
He has a Bachelor’s degree from the Institute of Technology of Bandung (ITB) and continues his study at the University of Groningen, Netherlands.

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